MOPPAN Expels Rahama Sadau from the Hausa Movie Industry

The Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria( MOPPAN) expelled Rahama Sadau for “immoral appearance” in a music video.

This is according to a statement signed by the group’s secretary, Salisu Mohammed. PremiumTimes reports.

MOPPAN is the governing body of the Hausa indigenous film industry, Kannywood.

“The leadership of the industry has taken this decision for her violation of its codes of ethics known to all it practitioners,” it reads.

The group also sees it’d action as “a deterrent to the actors and actresses to check their public behaviour as they are expected to be good ambassadors to the society they really”.

Rahama played the love interest of a rapper, Classiq in said video; in which they held hands and cuddled.

Classiq went on Twitter to seek public opinion on Rahama’s expulsion.

Here’s the video:

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