Olamide gets an Oduduwa Bronze head Tattoo

Nigerian rapper, Olamide just got an Oduduwa bronze head tattoo.

The bronze head is one of eighteen copper alloy sculptures that were unearthed in 1938 at Ife.

And with the caption Olamide added to the picture, he has reached a place of “self awareness”.

And if we all agree that self awareness is having a clear perception of your personality and your position in the grand scale of things.

Then Olamide may be saying he now better understands his position as a descendant of Oduduwa. What do you think?

#Odudua #Orisha #Yoruba #MyCulture #Oodua #StayWoke #selfawareness

A photo posted by PèpèSneh ? (@baddosneh) on

?? #MyCulture #Yoruba #Orisha #Odudua #Oodua #StayWoke #SelfAwareness

A photo posted by PèpèSneh ? (@baddosneh) on

What do you think?

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