Seven Nigerian Humorists You Should Follow on Instagram

Instagram is awash with self professed comics who’ve gained traction through many tricks ranging from recycling old jokes, exaggeration, cross-dressing, parody and the likes. One trick that’s more common is the comparison between an African parent’s reaction and that of a European.

Most of these generation Y comics play more that one endearing character and play out exaggerated events in an African family. Of course, the plots ring true to a certain extent and that has led to their popularity among their primary audience- Africans.

But there are some who’ve found a niche for themselves. And that has made them premium in the saturated market. Yes- market. Because they have found ways to monetize their platforms. Even hosting comedy gigs offline and selling merchandise.

Creating a wonderful drama is an art form, while comedy is just entertainment – Jason Reitman

But Jason didn’t have the new generating of online comics in mind when he said this. Because this generation is creating a blend of drama and comedy.

Here are seven such comedians you should check out:

1. Akanm D Boy

A video posted by Akanm D Boy (@iamkanmi) on

2. Crazeclown

A video posted by Doctor Craze (@crazeclown) on

3. Twyse

A video posted by ereme. (@twyse_116) on


A video posted by Ur Brethren EmmaOhMaGod (@emmaohmagod) on

5. Wofaifada

A video posted by Wofai (@wofaifada) on

6. Mama Tobi

A video posted by MAMATOBI (@oluwakaponeski) on

7. Ebiye

A video posted by Ebiye Victor (@comedianebiye) on

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