Video: Here’s what Burnaboy Thinks about Making Fela comparisons

Heard of any Fela comparison?

Sure you must have seen a bit of Fela in a number of artistes. His influence transcends art.

But what comes to mind when you hear a Fela comparison? Do you think, “This person must be political”, “controversial” or “a genius”? Because Fela is this and more. Or you think Fela shouldn’t be compared to mere mortals.

Burnaboy falls in the later class.

In a interview with Noisey, Burnaboy (Burna has a lot of Fela in him) was asked to make a pick between Fela, Wizkid or Beenieman. Yikes they shouldn’t have. His response was Fela-esque.

“What kind of stupid question is that?”, Burna asks with a smile.

“It’s even disrespectful to answer.” he adds.

“Never ask that question again to anybody. When you say Fela Kuti, just talk about Fela. Don’t explain how water entered the coconut. Just leave it the way it is,” he says.

He said all this, laying on a couch.


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