7 Beauty Tips For Moisturizing Your Skin During Dry Season

Harmattan bid us farewell with a reminder that it will be back coming December, but we met a very hot weather this January. Dehydration is a constant reminder of the beauty of the scorching sun which can possibly affect our skin, making it very dry. And dry skin is not beautiful because it creates cracks on your skin and makes you look old. You possibly might have tried different body creams but the dry skin is too stubborn and refuse to leave. Not to worry, here are some tips that will help when moisturizing and taking care of your skin.

1. Use a gentle moisturizer on a daily basis.

2. While taking a shower or washing your face, ensure that the water is lukewarm and not hot. Hot water can sap moisture from the skin.

3. Do not use harsh soaps or body washes because this can make your skin dry and dull.

4. Use a moisturizer that is universal for all skin types or is for your specific skin type.

5. Every part of your body is important. You need to use both facial and body moisturizers.

6. Use a moisturizer with SPF in it or a sunblock on top of the moisturizer to protect your skin from UV damage.

7. Knowing what suits your skin and what doesn’t is essential. Conduct a patch test if you are unsure about any ingredient in the home remedies and drink lots of water to help hydrate your skin.


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