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Going makeup free has been quite a trend recently and more than just a few a-list celebs have been pictured out with a makeup free face. If you are going to go with no makeup, you will need to take good care of your skin and there are some other disadvantages that you may not have thought about too. On the other hand, why should you have to wear makeup if you don’t want to? To help you make your own mind about going makeup free, here are ten of the pros and cons of not wearing any makeup at all.
1. Pro – You learn to appreciate yourself more
After wearing makeup every day for a long time, you can come to believe that you have to wear makeup to “be you”, but of course, that is simply not true. If you go without wearing makeup, you might just come to appreciate yourself more for who you are and that can be a very empowering and liberating feeling.
2. Con – You will look paler in photographs
Unless you take proper care of your skin, you will probably look quite pale in photographs without any makeup on at all. You can get naturally glowing skin without using blusher and bronzer, but you are going to have to be a lot more careful about what you eat and drink and making sure that you get your beauty sleep every night.
3. Pro – it won’t take you so long to get ready
On the good side, you won’t need to get up so every morning because you won’t have to worry about perfecting your makeup every day. That means that you can grab an extra hour in bed and your morning won’t be so fraught. You might even get time to relax a bit in the mornings and east some proper breakfast.
4. Con – You won’t be able to hide flaws
Without makeup, you will have no way of hiding blemishes or flaws, which is why skin care will be so important. No one’s skin is absolutely perfect, so if you have become addicted to that flawless look, you are going to have to accept that even the tiniest of little flaws are going to be on display when you don’t wear any makeup.
5. Pro – It’s an amazing confidence booster
If you can get over the feeling of being ‘naked’, not wearing makeup can be an incredible confidence booster. It shows the world that you are proud of whom you are and that you don’t feel any need to cover yourself up with makeup. It also shows people that you are an independent type of girl who can make up her own mind about how she wants to look.
6. Con – You might feel left out of conversations
If you go for any length of time without wearing makeup, it won’t be long before you don’t even know what the latest makeup trends are. That could make you feel a little bit left out of the conversation when your friends are all talking about makeup.
7. Pro – Your skin will get clearer
Your skin will really thank you for not wearing makeup and, the longer you go without makeup, the clearer your skin will become. As time goes by, your pores will become unclogged and your skin will start to look fresher, because it can breathe people all day long. You’ll still have to exfoliate and moisturise, but that’s a lot easier and much better for your skin than covering up flaws every day with makeup.
8. Con – You will have no emergency fall back
When you stop wearing makeup, you will no longer have any way to hide things in an emergency. If you have a pimple that flares up during the day, there will be no quick touch up in the restroom to cover it up. Likewise, if you stayed out all night the night before, everyone is going to be able to see just how tired you really are.
9. Pro – You’ll save some money
It is estimated that the average American woman spends $15,000 on beauty products in the course of their lifetime and much of that is spent on cosmetics. That’s going to be a lot of money that can spend on treating yourself if you stop wearing makeup.
10. Con – No more transforming your looks
While you might save a lot of time and money by not wearing makeup, you won’t be able to transform your look either. Experimenting with makeup and trying out new ideas can be great fun and it can completely change the way you look, so you might miss all that if you go makeup free.
Stay beautiful!

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