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The problem with self-esteem is that it’s incredibly damaging. It can make us lose out on jobs, friendships, relationships, and so on and so on. In short, low self-esteem can take over our life, causing us to not make good on our potential.

If you’re looking to become a stronger, more confident person today, let’s take a look at these 10 secrets on how to improve self-esteem that you need to know all about. And yes, they’re for YOU!

1. Don’t Make Excuses
Confident people, though, don’t make excuses. They rise to challenges and take responsibility for their mistakes. If they’re late for work, they don’t make up a story about how they got “struck by lightning.” They admit their faults.

2. Learn From Mistakes
If you’ve got low self-esteem, one more mistake or failure could be enough to cause you to lock yourself in your room FOREVER. You know that failure is a really, really bad thing and is a sign of weakness. You know that only people like you fail.
But, actually, this is all wrong! Seriously! Failure is actually a chance to grow and learn. If you make a mistake, you should see it as a chance to improve. So our next tip on how to improve your self-esteem is to understand that obstacles are challenges, but they help us to learn and get better. All the winners in life have failed at some point, but they have used failures as springboards to improve their skill set.

3. Never Compare
Another important tip on how to improve your self-esteem is to never compare yourself to others.
We know how it is. You’re sat on a bench in the city feeling pretty good about yourself. Your hair looks nice today, and your new shoes fit really well. You strike a pose.
But then a girl comes and sits next down to you. You’re in awe because you think she’s better looking than you. Her hair is healthier than your hair, and her designer shoes outshine yours. Drat! Now you feel small, ridiculous and you just want to lock yourself in a room. Why did she have to come and sit next to you?!
Confident people don’t do this. They don’t compare themselves to others. They focus on themselves only and realise that everyone is different, and that everyone’s tastes are subjective.

4. Stand Up Straight
How you stand can affect your confidence. If you storm through crowds, head lowered and your back hunched over, you won’t feel confident at all. Moreover, you’re giving out the impression that you’re hiding away, because you’re frightened of being spotted.
If you get your posture right, you will feel more confident instantly. Stand up straight, walk slowly, and strike a superwoman pose. This is your town – embrace it!

5. Switch Focus
People with low self-esteem tend to be caught up in themselves. They think about their blemishes, their personality, their faults and their mistakes. As well as wasting a heap of time, this just makes your situation much worse.
Switching your attention onto a hobby is a great way to forget all about your self-esteem issues.

6. Prepare
Another good tip on how to improve your self-esteem is to prepare for different situations in advance.
Ever gone for a job interview and been a bag of nerves? Job interviews are scary, so there’s no shame in being nervous.
You could make your situation a lot easier, though, if you do what confident people do and prepare.
Before you go for an interview, practice with a friend. Read a few articles about the process. Get clued up on what you need to say. In short, build up your knowledge to build up your confidence.
The same goes with anything. If you want to start dating, read a book about how to do it with confidence.

7. Realise How Great And Talented You Are
Strangely enough, people who have low self-esteem today had quite a lot of it when they were younger. When they were younger, it may have been that they were good at mathematics at school, or perhaps they were on the netball team. Perhaps they even played in the school orchestra.
Today, though, all that has gone. As such, it’s easy to get down whenever you think about past glories and the talents you once had. It’s time to start focusing on the present, and the talents you have today – as well as the the talents you can still develop.

8. Stop Dwelling On Frustrations And Disappointments
Another tip on how to improve your self-esteem is to stop dwelling on negativity, frustrations and disappointments. Feeling blue because you don’t have as much money as you wanted by now? Perhaps you still don’t have your dream car or dream house?
Unrealistic expectations can lead to low self-esteem. Many of us would rather be debt-free by the time we’re 30, and we’d just love to own our house. But life just doesn’t always happen like this. Most people, indeed, do have money issues going into their thirties – it’s just the way it is.
It’s time to shift your focus from your frustrations and disappointments to positive attitude and firm belief that you can achieve your goals and dreams. Be firm, know that you can do it, and go for it. Your self-esteem will thank you.

9. Go For It
Confident people never put things off. If a potentially explosive email needs sending, they go right ahead and send it. If a friend is waiting for a callback, they go right ahead and call them up. If the house needs cleaning … you get the picture.
Our next tip on how to improve your self-esteem is to stop putting things off. If you’ve been aiming to eat a healthy meal this week, now is the time to eat it! Don’t think about things – just do them.

10. Dress Up!
Walking around town in dowdy, ill-fitting clothes is a great way to feel incredibly down in the dumps. It’s time to start dressing up, even if you’re only heading out to buy groceries. You’ll feel much more presentable, successful and confident. (Source: Beauty and Tips)

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