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43 Cool Facts You Don’t Know But Are True

1. The bushes and clouds in Super Mario Bros are the same, just colored differently.

2. When a male bee climaxes, their testicles explode then they die.

3. Cleopatra lived closer in time to the first Moon landing than to the building of the Great Pyramid.

4. Duck Hunt is two player. A controller in port 2 controls the ducks.

5. There are more fake flamingos in the world than real flamingos.

6. The adult human has two to nine pounds of bacteria in his or her body.

7. Blue whales heart is the size of a VW Beetle and that you could swim through some of its arteries.

8. Hydrogen is a light, odorless gas, which, given enough time, turns into people.

9. There are more atoms in a single glass of water, than glasses of water in all the oceans of the Earth.

10. Half of all humans who have ever lived, died from malaria.

11. Fold over a piece of paper 42 times and it will reach the moon

12. Pirates wear eye patches so that they can see in the dark. When they go to a lower deck with poor lighting, they can remove the patch and see better with that eye since it’s used to the dark, whereas the other eye would take several minutes to adjust to the change in light.

13. 54 million people alive right now will be dead within 12 months.

14. You replace every particle in your body every seven years. You are literally not the same person you were 7 years ago.

15. When your mother was born, she was already carrying the egg that would become you.

16. A tree is the opposite of your lungs. Physically and functionally.

17. Mayonnaise is made from oil and eggs.

18. The sun is 400x further from the earth than the moon, but the moon is 400x smaller than the sun.

19. Goats have rectangular pupils.

20. If there was no space between any of its atoms, Earth would be the size of a baseball.

21. If you put all the earth’s ants in one pile, and all the earth’s humans in another pile, the pile made of ants would be bigger (have more mass).

22. You’re not stuck in traffic, you are traffic.

23. Sloths mistakenly grab their arms instead of the branches of a tree, and they fall to their deaths.

24. Penguins will give their mate a pebble as a way of proposing.

25. Butterflies are cannibals.

26. Turtles can breathe out of their butts

27. A pigs orgasm lasts 30 minutes.

28. There is a species of jellyfish that is immortal (turritopsis nutricula).

29. The largest air force in the world is the US Air Force. The second largest air force in the world is the US Navy.

30. Lighters were invented before matches.

31. Psychology is the brain trying to comprehend itself.

32. If a man never cut his beard, by the time he dies it would be 30 feet long.

33.1 sperm has 37.5MB of DNA information in it. That means a normal ejaculation represents a data transfer of 1587GB in about 3 seconds.

34. The population of Ireland is still 2 million less than it was before the potato famine, 160 years ago.

35. The USA is an older country than Germany. Germany became one country only in 1871.

36. Napoleon was not unusually short. The French inch was longer than the British inch, so while he was thought to be 5’2” by most of the world, in reality he was closer to 5’7”, an average height for a Frenchman.

38. If you keep going North, you will eventually go South. If you keep going East, you will never go West.

39. Vending machines kill 4 times as many people as sharks.

40. Black HP printer ink costs roughly 1,400 times as much as crude oil, gallon for gallon.

41. George Washington spent about 7% of his annual salary on booze.

42. A Mosquito has 47 teeth.

43. A banana is actually a berry. A strawberry isn’t.


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