Falz Labelled an Internet Fraudster by Kenyan Authorities


Nigerian rapper, Falz says he was treated as a criminal at a Kenyan airport because he is a Nigerian.

In a recent interview with Sound City‘s Moet Abebe, Falz said he recently went to Kenya on holiday with some of his friends. He explained that as soon as they landed at Kenyan airport they were treated with the worst discrimination he had ever experienced in his life.

“I was on holiday recently. I was with my guys. We were at the airport about to get into Kenya. Kenya o! African country o!”

“We were about getting into the airport in Kenya. The [immigration] sent us to go to the side [along] with Nigerian people [and] they just kept on saying ‘cyber-crime! Internet fraud!,” Falz said.

“They sent us to go to the side with Nigerian people. They just kept on saying Cybercrime, Internet fraud. That’s what we’re known for. It was disgraceful, extremely shameful. Obviously, it’s discrimination on a level because I’m Nigerian you automatically think I am a cyber criminal.”

Watch Falz describe his humiliation in Kenyan airport below:

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