These Two Housemates Were Evicted After Two Weeks In The Big Brother Naija 2017 Reality Show

Big Brother Naija fake housemates, Ese Eriata and Jon Ogah have been evicted from the game.
Ese and Jon who were evicted Sunday evening (February 26) were sent into the house two weeks ago just for the purpose of causing drama and were not competing for the N25million prize. Their mission was indeed successful and they will be truly missed both by the other housemates and Nigerians watching the show.
Apart from the fake housemates leaving, there was a twist to the game yesterday evening as all the housemates except Bally and Bisola have been put up for automatic eviction which means the eviction show which usually takes place Monday night has been cancelled.
The Head of House(HOH)task will take place at that time instead and the winner of the task is automatically immune from eviction for the week while Bisola and Bally who the other housemates thought have been evicted are on vacation for some days and will escape nomination because of their immunity.
The game has become very intense and interesting, this new twist will definitely put the nominated housemates on their toes.

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