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3 Important Things That Improve The IQ of The Child

The US experts published in the Journal of the Association for Psychological Science the results of a research that shows that diets rich in fish, quality curricular and extracurricular activities, and reading help to increase the IQ of the child.

Diet and IQ
John Protzko, PhD student at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development from the University of New York, gathered the data of numerous researches in order to conclude what are the factors that influence the growth of the IQ of the child. It was found that its level is closely related to diet and environment. Supplementing the diet of pregnant women, and later the child, with polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega-3 rich foods increases the IQ of the child by 3,5 points. Fatty acids contribute to the growth of neurons. Other nutrients, such as iron, B vitamins, zinc are equally important for brain function.

Education and IQ
According to the survey, the integration of the child in educational activities at kindergarten, workshops, and schools contributes to the IQ growth by 4-7 points. Researchers believe that these activities stimulate the infant cognitive functions. John Protzko says it is favorable that the baby is integrated into activities at an early age. However, the study does not provide certainty about the effectiveness of an educational program starting at an early age to one that begins later.

Reading increases IQ
Another significant factor in increasing your child`s IQ is reading. Interaction with reading comes from intrauterine phase. Then, as the child grows, reading books will become interactive. Reading improves IQ by 6 points. Specialists believe that reading accelerates the development of speech, which, in its turn, contributes to the improvement of the child`s IQ.

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