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9 Annoying Sentences Nigerians Who Take Danfo Are Already Used To

Nigerians are very special people with diverse cultures, languages, and ethnic groups. We are very unique people who are very intelligent, hardworking, gifted, and skilled with a unique sense of humour.
We stand out easily because of our very unique and witty personalities. Although we have our flaws, our good qualities supersede the negative side. Here is a list of funny sentences that make Nigerians even more unique.
1. “No change o”
And so?
2. “Praise Tha Lord”
Danfo not Sunday school, abeg.
3. “There’s go-slow”
Hay God!
4. “Two more chance’
What is happening here?
5. “Excuse me sister, can I know your name?”
My name is, ‘face-your-front-and-let-me -see-road.
6. “Abeg, I wan buy fuel’
So you couldn’t buy fuel before calling passengers, abi?
7. ‘Driver, I want to ease myself’
What rubbish?
8. “I go join your change together”
Kuku kill me.
9. “Aunty, dress abeg”
To where?


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