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The Most Dangerous Sitting Positions

The sitting positions can influence your health, according to experts. Find out about the most dangerous sitting positions:

If you sit in a cross-legged position
The cross-legged position is one of the most frequent sitting position, but not a healthy one, according to specialists. People suffering from hypertension, for example, should avoid it because it might worsen their condition. If you spend too much time in this position, you can face lower back pains, circulatory issues, and broken capillaries on your feet, according to

If you stand up
Sitting on a chair increases the risk of serious diseases, but standing up is not healthy as well, according to researchers quoted by Studies have shown that this position increases the risk of atherosclerosis, characterized by the narrowing of the arteries. Muscle aches are another problem that can occur when you stand up for a longer period of time.

If you sit or stand with your back straight
When you were little, you are probably used to hear that you have to sit/stand with the back straight, but a recent study has revealed that this position is not so healthy, especially when you sit at your desk. According to, this posture, although it is full of elegance, puts a greater pressure on your spine, causing back pains.

Hunch-backed sitting positions
If you sit at your desk in the form of the letter C, you will adopt this position when you stand up as well. In addition, you will face neck, shoulder, and back pains. The ideal position is to sit with your back and head straight.

If you stand with your torso frontwards
Some people stand with their torso frontwards. Besides the fact that the position is not a very nice-looking, it can lead to back pain. (Source: Unica Sports)

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