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“Democrats want shutdown, but party leaders say it won’t happen” – Trump says

Donald Trump

Washington, U.S.A — Congressional leaders in both parties said Thursday they expect to pass legislation to prevent a government shutdown, despite a tweet storm from President Trump accusing Democrats of trying to force one, USA Today reports.
“I’m confident we’ll be able to pass a short-term extension (of government funding),” House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters at a news conference Thursday. He did say, however, that the only reason a short-term bill is needed is because Democrats have been “dragging their feet” in negotiations for a longer-term bill.
The House and Senate appropriations committees introduced legislation Tuesday night to extend current government funding for a week, through May 5. Current funding is set to expire at midnight Friday unless Congress acts. A week-long extension would give congressional negotiators more time to come up with a deal to fund federal agencies for the rest of fiscal year 2017, which ends on Sept. 30.
A vote on the week-long extension could come as early as Thursday.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said she wasn’t sure whether Democrats would support the short-term extension. But she said Ryan should have enough votes among Republicans to pass it.
“We are committed to keeping government open,” Pelosi said.
She said lawmakers are continuing to try to resolve the remaining issues that are holding up a longer-term deal, including disagreements over a rule that requires financial advisers to act in the best interests of clients saving for retirement. Democrats want to protect the rule in the funding bill but Republicans want to scrap it, saying it is confusing and burdensome. Democrats also are seeking aid for Puerto Rico, which is running out of Medicaid funds.
“We are hoping we will be able to resolve these differences,” she said.
However, Trump accused Democrats of trying to force a shutdown to bail out Puerto Rico and reward insurance companies that give them campaign donations. Democrats have been pushing for language in the funding bill to ensure that the Trump administration continues to pay subsidies to insurance companies that offer low-cost coverage to low-income Americans under the Affordable Care Act.
Trump had threatened to stop making those payments to pressure Democrats to support a health care bill to replace the ACA — also known as Obamacare. The White House seemed to back off that threat Wednesday, with officials promising to continue making those payments, at least for now.
“Democrats jeopardizing the safety of our troops to bail out their donors from insurance companies,” Trump said in one tweet. The funding bill is expected to include extra money for defense programs and combat operations.

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