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Stephanie Otobo Releases her Statement of Account of Transactions from Suleman


More trouble for founder of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman, as his alleged estranged mistress released her bank’s statement of account.

In a video obtained by, Otobo was seen showing two people her United Bank of Africa (UBA) statement of account which shows several transactions from Apostle Suleman.

 In the statement of account, Apostle Suleman on July 22, 2015, reportedly paid in the sum of N1 million.

Stephanie Otobo’s bank is yet to corroborate her story, but she awaits her phone company to release her call log as more evidence against Suleman.

Otobo in this recent interview done in Toronto, Canada also said Apostle Suleman froze her new account thinking it was her old account where he allegedly sent in money several times.

There are several transaction allegedly from Suleman in the statement of account released by Otobo.

The phone company Otobo subscribed to in Canada has reportedly also promised to release her call log which she promised will show how many times the pastor called her when she was in Canada.

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