10 Best beauty and Makeup Tips for Dark skin

There are plenty of beauty tips available for girls with fair skin, but what about some tips for girls who have darker complexions? Having a dark skin tone means that you have a different set of makeup rules from those that pale skinned girls follow and different tricks that you can use to make the most of your beautiful dusky complexion. It also means that you can use different shades of makeup and employ different techniques to bring out the best in your natural skin colour. Here are ten of the best beauty and makeup tips for gorgeous ladies dark skin.

1. Use sunscreen
The world is full of different shades of skin, but the rules for wearing sunscreen apply right across the globe. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you have dark skin, the sun won’t damage it. You may well not burn as easily as a fair skinned woman would, but the sun will still damage your skin and speed up the ageing process if you don’t use sunscreen.

2. Moisturise every day
When you have dark skin, if it becomes dry, it can make your complexion look ashy. To keep your skin looking young and beautiful and to make the most of that radiant dark skin, moisturise every day with a good quality moisturiser and moisturise your body after every shower.

3. Take good care of acne and pimples
One of the disadvantages of having dark skin is that you can be more prone to acne and pimples and they will show up more on your face too. Always remove all your makeup at night, use a good facial cleanser to keep your skin perfectly clean. Never pick at pimples, or you could be left with scars on your skin.

4. Be careful choosing foundation
Another one of important makeup tips for dark skin is to be careful when choosing foundation. As with any good makeup, you should be looking to compliment your natural complexion, not change it, or hide it. When you are choosing a foundation, be careful not to select one that is lighter than your natural skin colour, or you will make your skin look grey. Always test foundation, before you buy, on your forehead, or on a spot just above your jaw line. Liquid foundation generally looks better on dark skin because it won’t look too matte.

5. Eye makeup
Dark skin makes the darker shades of eyeshadow look fantastic. So one of good eye makeup tips for dark skin is to try shades like burgundy, green, copper and brown. All these look especially good for going out in the evenings. Smoky eyes look really amazing on dark skin too, especially when combined with a bit of shimmery colour on the inner corners of the eyes.

6. Lipstick
The darker shades are the best shades of lipstick to compliment your skin tone. Avoid bright colours, lipsticks with a frosty finish and don’t go overboard with the gloss. Colours like berry, plum, gold and burgundy, or beige and coffee shades will look the best.

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