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How to Grow Your Hair Out Faster

Whether you’re growing out a short haircut, a bad haircut, or just desire longer hair, the process of the grow out is painful and slow. The average person’s hair grows approximately 1/2 inch per month. It’s no wonder that celebrities just give up and get extensions.
Over the past couple of years, while growing out my beloved pixie cut, I’ve become somewhat of an expert at patience when growing hair out.
I’ve learned a lot about growing hair. Here are my tips for growing your hair out as fast as possible, and for making the process as painless as possible.

Prenatal vitamins and biotin have been the hair dresser’s secret to speeding hair growth for years. They won’t just help your hair grow, but your nails and skin will improve as well.
Both are available at your local drug store, over the counter. Take one every day. Be careful though, some people experience unwanted side effects from prenatal vitamins.

Nioxin is a line of hair products designed to promote a healthier scalp and improve the length and thickness of your hair. Nioxin has been around for decades and is used primarily for thinning hair concerns, but works great even if your hair isn’t thinning. Many of my clients also report that their hair appears thicker and healthier using Nioxin after four to six weeks. Nioxin comes in shampoo, conditioner, styling products, a variety of on-the-scalp treatments, and vitamins. Buy on Amazon.
F.A.S.T. Shampoo and Conditioner
is a shampoo and conditioning system designed specifically for faster hair growth. I used the system for a while when I was first growing my incredibly short pixie cut out, and was pleased with the progress I saw with F.A.S.T. I’d recommend using it, but be aware that F.A.S.T. can cause increased dryness due to the high levels of protein.
Put Yourself on a Healthy Hair Diet
You are what you eat. You will notice that your hair, skin, and nails appear healthier when you eat a well balanced diet, exercise, and stay hydrated. Of course, it never hurts to take good care of yourself, and your hair just might thank you by growing faster! Find out what foods help promote healthier hair.

Take Care of Your Scalp
If there is one thing I repeat to my clients and readers more often than anything else, it’s the fact that your hair will be all around better if you take better care of your scalp. Your hair’s ability to grow can only be improved by a healthy scalp. Learn how to take better care of your scalp.
Keep Chemical Services to a Minimum
Color, highlights, and perms) are what makes being a hair stylist great (and profitable), but your hair’s growth can be slowed significantly if you’re changing your hair with chemicals regularly. If you just must color your hair, try demi-permanent color instead of permanent, partial highlights rather than a full head of highlights, and give your hair as much time between services as possible. Chemicals treatments, especially highlights and perms, can cause hair breakage, and if your hair is breaking off, it’s not getting longer. By giving your hair a rest your hair will appear to grow faster because it will endure less breakage.

Get a Haircut
Okay, I know it sounds contradictory to get a haircut when you’re trying to grow your hair out, but hear me out. Regular haircuts do not make your hair grow faster, but they do prevent damage and breakage. The less your hair is breaking off at the ends, the more growth you’ll notice. It’s important to, at the very minimum, trim your ends every 8-12 weeks. The more you do to your hair (chemical services, heat styling, flat ironing), the more often you’ll need a trim. Talk to your stylist about your hair growing goals and ask her to cut the most minimum amount off. She can also help keep your hair shaped nicely to avoid the awkward stages of growing your hair out.

Turn Down the Heat
When you’re growing your hair out, preventing damage and hair breakage is key to faster growing hair. Whenever you can, blow your hair out instead of using a flat iron and try using your natural hair’s texture instead of using a curling iron. Most importantly, any time you use heat on your hair, protect your hair with a heat protecting spray. The less heat damage to your hair, the less breakage your hair will endure, and the faster your hair will be allowed to grow.

Strengthen your Locks
The whole idea for “growing your hair faster” has a lot to do with preventing breakage. The best way to prevent breakage and split ends is to take care of your hair and give it everything it needs to be strong. Protein treatments and a great deep conditioning treatment occasionally are an excellent ways to nurture your hair and improve its strength. My favorite protein treatment is CHI Keratin Mist because it’s light mist detangles hair and provides protein to the hair shaft. Buy on If you’re looking for a deep conditioning treatment, I recommend trying out Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment. It’s a great overnight treatment that will restore your hair’s health.

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