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Tiwa Savage Natural Hair Care Tips

Luxurious, beautiful, healthy, straight hair – that is a thing of admiration for most Nigerian men and women. But to make it look beautiful, you need to put much efforts and time into hair care.

Despite a long period of her absence on the entertainment stage due to the birth of her son, Jamil, she is still believed to be No.1 female artiste in the Nigerian music industry.

Tiwa Savage natural hair care

She often posts her pictures and it is no doubt that she looks beautiful. These days, her fans are paying great attention to her hair. This is not surprising as it is so long, bright, and smooth. Tiwa Savage has decided to share her most important natural hair care tips to help her fans to take proper care of the hair.

She points out that her hair began breaking off some time ago and she even had a bald patch. Extensive hair care and conditioning helped her to recover the gorgeous hair she had before she gave birth.

This is her natural hair after pregnancy!!!

Tiwa Savage natural hair

Tiwa managed to recover her damaged hair after pregnancy and willingly shares her tips for perfect hair:

– The most important thing is proper care.

– A suitable shampoo is a must-have requirement (suitable to your hair type).

– Don’t be afraid to wash your hair every day. A good shampoo will not damage your hair if you wash daily. On the contrary, it will nourish it and will remove dead scales, which will improve the health of your scalp. If you don’t know what shampoo is suitable for your hair – consult with an experienced hairdresser or even better, meet a trichologist .

Tiwa Savage adorable hair

– Do not buy shampoos that refer to themselves as “2 in 1”.

– It is better to comb your hair before washing.

– Don’t brush your hair immediately after shampooing. Wet strands should get dry naturally. Use a wide-toothed comb or just separate the strands with your fingers.

– Hot water is bad for hair texture.

– After shampooing, use a conditioner or hair balm.

natural hair care tips

The best washing rule: shampoo is applied only to the roots and conditioner is applied only to ends. This way the hair will not lose volume and ends won’t be dry.

– It is better to dry your hair naturally.

– If you use a hairdryer, apply it from top to bottom. Afterwards, use cool air.

– Health and beauty of hair depend on regular and proper hair brushing. First, you need to choose the right hair comb. It should be made of anti static material.

– How to make your hair shine? After washing, hold it under cool water.

– Cut the tip of your hair regularly to prevent split ends.

Gorgeous Tiwa Savage

– Use products suitable for your hair type at least once a week. Apply it to washed hair and wrap in the towel – this way useful components will penetrate deeper.

Follow these Tiwa Savage natural hair care tips to make your hair look beautiful and well-groomed always.


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