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Hair Care For This Rainy Season

Thank goodness the rain is here! Hair experts say that hair problems become more frequent this season. Acid rain, dirty rainwater and increased levels of humidity have an adverse impact on your hair and scalp. However, you need not fret if you have been a victim of hair damage in the last season. We promise you that if you adhere strictly to these steps, it won’t happen again. Here are tips and tricks that will help you get rid of those bad hair days this season.

Always keep your hair dry
Always keep your hair dry and avoid exposing your hair when it rains. Research show that we lose more hair during the wet season. Whenever your hair gets wet in the rain, make sure you dry it quickly. Doing this helps prevent hair and scalp problems such as excessive hair loss and dandruff.

Use mild shampoo
To preserve your hair during the rainy season, look for mild shampoo and wash your hair properly. This will not just help in cleaning the scalp and keeping it dust and debris free, but will also help prevent further damage to your hair. Don’t forget you will always need mild shampoo to get your hair volume back.

Condition regularly
You don’t just pick up any conditioner on the shelf; make sure you use the one that is suitable for your hair. Never apply conditioner to your scalp but on the hair itself, so as to give it that desired shine and prevent breakage.

Avoid the hair dryer
It’s better to let your hair dry naturally than sitting under the dryer. If you must, make sure you regulate the temperature and don’t stay under it for too long. .
Do the right hairstyles
Pick hairstyles that are suitable for the season. In order to protect your hair, you can fix weave-on or go on loose braids. But make sure you don’t carry it for too long. Avoid tying your hair too tightly as this may lead to hair breakage, dandruff and fungal infections.

Drink lots of water
Try and take lots of water and vegetables; they help a lot to restore your hair beauty. Also food rich in protein is helpful too.

Source: Sun News

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