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How to Take Care of Your Teeth and Gums

Taking good care of your teeth and gums is an important part of maintaining a good health and a pain-free life. No matter your age, it is important to care for your teeth and gums because; strong, healthy teeth are needed to chew food well, aid proper digestion and give our face its shape.
Sore gums and painful cavities (holes in the teeth caused by decay) can be prevented.
Decayed or rotten teeth caused by lack of cleanliness can lead to serious infections and several problems that may affect other parts of the body.
In order, to keep a healthy tooth, it is important that we develop a good dental care routine early in life and maintain our teeth as we age.

Here are some simple tips to keep your teeth and gums healthy:

• Brush your teeth well at least twice a day (in the morning and as the last thing at night) with a fluoride toothpaste using a soft-bristle toothbrush. According to experts, fluoride protects the enamel and makes you less likely to get cavities, hence, a pea-size fluoride will do, as too much fluoride if more than a small amount is swallowed, could be poisonous. They advised, that we take our time to carefully and gently brush our teeth making sure we brush the teeth from top to bottom, side to side, front to back and not leaving our tongue, after which we rinse our mouth with clean water.

• Floss at least once a day. It is recommended to use an ‘interdental’ brush or dental floss to clean between the teeth.

• Limit your sugar consumption; eating sweets and taking too much soft drinks can rot the teeth quickly. Experts advise, that parents should not accustom their children to sweets and soft drinks, if they want them to have a good tooth.

• Practice a good eating habit with a healthy diet.

• Eating crunchy fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots and celery as in between snacks, helps increase the production of saliva, which helps protect the teeth.

• Do not smoke, as smoking will stain your teeth yellow and give you a bad breath which makes you prone to getting a gum disease or mouth cancer.

• Avoid alcoholic drinks.

• Make a regular visit to your dentist for a check-up and cleaning.

• Replace your tooth brush with a new one every three to four months.
By following these simple steps, you will have a good healthy teeth and gum.

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