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Women Tasked on Skin Damage

Skin infections or disorders constitute a significant proportion of consultations in clinics in the country. Patchy skin, dark spots, boils, dis-colouration and easy tanning of the skin may not only lead to acne and pimples. Instead, lurking behind these conditions, one may come across more serious illnesses. Most often than not, skin problems can be a biological tap on your shoulder for other grave health conditions.
According to the Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice, skin diseases are one of the three common causes of morbidity in the developing countries of sub-Saharan Africa, along with malaria and diarrhoea.
To this effect, Ardent World Inc. (AWI), a global cosmetics company has launched women friendly range of natural based cosmetics products. They contain ingredients like glutathione and Vitamin C that can counter free radicals that damage the skin.
President, AWI, Mrs Angeline Frechter, from the Philippines, said, “we believe in having holistic approach to skin care. We don’t want to just give fairer, whiter skin; we want to help you achieve good, soft, moisturised and healthy skin. So we work on the collagen, make it tighter, that is why we have chosen the ingredients glutathione and Vitamin C.
“Glutathione is naturally produced in the body, it is also found in plants that can counter free radicals that damage the skin, which makes it very safe. Everybody knows Vitamin C is good for the body. If you apply the product on the skin, it goes directly on the skin but some people ingest vitamin C. If you do so, it goes to all parts of the body; it goes to your skin, your eyes and so on.
“If you really want to focus on the skin, the best thing is to use tropical application of  products with main ingredients as glutathione and Vitamin C, developed in such a way that they can be applied directly on the skin to enable you feel the effects.”
She also said that the products must contain moisturising properties to cleanse the skin and help remove wrinkles on the face. “The body needs more moisturising to be protected.”
Chairperson, Sinai Collateral Limited, Mrs Charity Ojiaka, distributor of AWI’s Gluta C and Moringa line of body and hair products, said that effective skin care can be achieved by using products with the antioxidant agents.
“It is all about correcting the anomalies and guarantees a nourished, healthy and beautiful look.”
According to her, Gluta C and Moringa line of cosmetic products contains Moringa-O² and Glutathione, a combination of Glutathione and Vitamin-C which are natural powerful toning actives and antioxidants that safely and intensely tone the skin and fight radicals that cause pre-mature aging.
“We are aware of the concerns of women and we have heard their challenges about the damage caused by harmful products on their skins and that is why we are proud to introduce our range of products which are natural based cosmetics products.
She further explained, “If your skin is damaged through bleaching, it is very difficult to repair it and there is no known product that can reverse it. However, the person can stop using this harmful product to stop progressive damage. This allows the skin to recover and can be followed up with moisturisers to keep the skin healthy.

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