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8 Simple Hair Tips For Every Naturalista Out There

From Afros, afro puffs, twist outs to even flat twist, every naturalista is on the hunt for the perfect hairstyle. Curly hair is often the go-to hairstyle for many natural haired sisters. Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect curls on your kinky hair:

1. Always trim your hair

If your hair is tangling at the tips, then it is time for a trim. Coily and curly needs to be trimmed every 3 months for it to remain healthy.

Hair trim black woman
Image: BlackHair.About

2. Use a salon

You maybe a YouTube pro but cutting your own hair may lead to grievous errors as you may cut too much or too small especially in hard to reach areas.

Hair Salon and hairstylists
Image: BizWatchNigeria

3. Great products 

Always go for sulphate-free shampoos and moisturising conditioners. This will help keep your kinky, coily or curly hair from drying out. Products with plant oils like tea tree, jojoba and coconut oils are great for locking in moisture.

tea tree oil
Image: womendailymagazine

4. Root to tip application

When applying products to your hair, always go from the roots to the tip. This will minimise the quantity of product you use and define your natural pattern especially when you’re trying to curl your hair.

flat twist Tutorial
Images by Black

5. Apply products once a week

This prevents build up. And you can activate and define your hair during the week using a good ole spray bottle filled with water.

natural hair products in Kenya under 1000 bob
Image sources:

6. Satin is your friend

If your hair is prone to drying out no matter how much you moisturise, then get a satin bonnet, scarf or even pillow case to sleep on every night. Cotton pillow cases will absorb the moisture from your hair while you sleep.

satin scarf for

7. Always air dry your hair

Many naturalistas are leery of heat. And for good reason, because heat damage is no joke. After washing your hair, allow your hair dry naturally. If you’re in haste and have to use a  hand dryer, use low heat and move it in a circular direction so the heat is directed at one portion on your head.

Photo: CariJayy

8. Work accessories like a pro

Scarves, bows, flowers and bands are some accessories you can use to style your hair to break the monotony.

afro hair
Source: Omg Voice

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