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Four Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Dry skin is inevitable at some point of everyone’s life. Dry skin is usually caused by environmental conditions, genetics or excessive bathing. However it’s not permanent, here are a few tips you can put into practice to get your skin hydrated and get that glow.

1. Moisturising From The Inside

It’s important that you know the how to moisturise effectively with the right moisturisers. Moisturising your skin is like a ritual or routine that needs to be performed every day, so moisturising once a week won’t cut it. It is advised to moisturise both at morning and at night because you have external factors affecting the face and at night when you sleep your body heals and rejuvenates itself.

Moisturising does not only apply to the face, you need to keep your whole body moisturised. No one wants a nice smooth face and ashy legs or hands. If you suffer from dry hands, keep a small tube of hand cream in your hand bag or beside your sink. Use every time you wash your hands.

Make sure you use a good moisturiser on your body both at morning and night after a shower , coconut oil and almond oil are great moisturisers that keep your skin soft and glowing.

2.Moisturising Damp Skin

Moisturising your damp skin is amazing because it helps seal hydration.

  • After you wash your face, pat off the excess moisture with a towel before applying your moisturiser.
  • For your body, do the same thing. Pat your skin with a towel until it’s just slightly damp, then apply a good moisturiser or body oil.
  • Allow your skin to dry naturally so it can absorb all the moisture.
  • If your skin still feels dry which I doubt, you can apply a second layer of moisturizer however do not put on too much moisturiser.

3.Change Of Products

Changing your products is important because your skin undergoes physical changes due to the weather or your age. During the cold season you might need to switch to a rich moisturiser, and during the summer a moisturiser with spf would be ideal. Applying lighter moisturisers where you have oily skin using is advised however if on the parts where your skin gets dry like your knees , elbows , hands and feet a heavy deep conditioning moisturiser is adviced.

4. Drink Loads Of Water

Water is essentially great for you skin. It flushes toxins from your system and carries nutrients to your cells. Which helps to prevent dry skin keeping your skin nourished and hydrated. You should aim to aim to drink six – eight glasses of water per day.

Follow these tips and you will definitely be ready to say bye to dry skin. (The Guardian)

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