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Here Are 11 Controversial Ghanaian Actors

Celebrities are prone to controversy, be it deliberate or accidental. It seems they can’t survive without getting into one issue or the other.

Ghanaian actors are not an exception when it comes to controversy and here we bring you some of the most controversial actors.

1. Yvonne Nelson

She is not one who shies away from issues. She doesn’t even mind going public with you if you step on her toes. Case in mind is her fracas with best friend, John Dumelo. She’s also had run-ins with Shatta Wale and others.

2. Lydia Forson.

There is nothing like diplomacy when it comes to actress and blogger, Lydia Forson. She’s over the years used her blog to heavily and harshly come down on prominent people in this country including then President Mahama. She’s even had issues with Arch-Bishop Duncan Williams in the past. She has no issue at all going into the gutter with you if you choose to. According to her, she’s no one’s role model.

3. John Dumelo.

He used to be quite cool until reports started coming in that he’s been defrauding ladies abroad on social media by promising them marriage and taking money from them. One of such cases even attracted the attention of ace journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas who gave him an ultimatum to either pay back the woman’s money or risk being exposed. John promised to pay. He also went into politics and his latest scandal involves the “stealing” of a government V8 vehicle.


4. Agya Koo.

The man who calls himself the saviour of the Ghana Movie Industry. He’s a very vocal and quite raw person. You’ll think that with his status as a veteran actor and comedian, he’ll be diplomatic but no. He comes on radio to make all sort of ridiculous allegations against his colleague actors and industry players. At a point, he accused some movie producers of sabotaging his career. He also accused some actors of using juju to make him irrelevant in the industry.

image:233 Live News/Facebook

5. Big Akwes (Me dwa mu).

The Kumawood star is another “raw” talker. A couple of years ago, he came out in an interview and said, male producers and actors in Kumawood, sleep with the actresses before giving them roles in their movies. He used himself as an example and indicated that he’s slept with a lot of the upcoming actresses and he’ll continue doing it. This drew a protest from the Kumasi Actresses Association. Big Akwes also hosts a show on RTV where he’s brutally raw without holding back.

big akwes
Image: GhanaMediaFillas/Blogspot

6. Moesha Boduong.

To be honest, I don’t know what talent this young lady has except her outrageously huge behind, wide hips and boobs. I guess she’s realised it so that’s what she’s selling to the world. She’s known for releasing very revealing photos of herself with her a** and boobs of course on display. She at a point even released some “artistic”nude photos of herself. Anything for the attention right?


7. Christabel Ekeh.

She came off as a shy, innocent girl until she decided to take it to cyberbullies using some expletives. She’s also known for some revealing photos which she posts on her IG. Her biggest controversy is just over the weekend when she posted some nude photos of herself on her IG. One photo had the phrase “F**k you” written on her back. Information coming in, however, indicates that the young actress and model is not too well.

Photo: 1GrandBerry/Instagram

8. Vicky Zugah.

Vicky has mostly been in the news mainly for her constant change of partners. She, however, went gaga when in an interview, she stated that all her former boyfriends, physically abused her. According to her, some left her with injuries. She went further and mentioned names of these guys who are all celebrities. Ironically, the guys all came out to either deny ever dating her or abusing her. Those who have indeed dated her called her a crazy girl with a bad attitude. With all this, she still stands by her accusation and is on a domestic violence campaign.

vicky zugah
Image: Vicky Zugah/Instagram

9. Emelia Brobbey.

She’s one pretty lady but her issues be plenty pass. It started with her shoplifting accusation far away in the UK. Then there’s the issue of her past marriage. There are various claims including some purported to be from her ex-husband that she cheated in her marriage which she has denied. The more she talks about this, the more the accusations intensify. It looks like this marriage thing will forever hang over her shoulders.

10. Bibi Bright.

Bibi is a very vocal person. She’s also one who is very comfortable in her skin. She killed it when she released some birthday photos of herself some years back which were quite a handful. She’s also been caught in some revealing and sometimes outrageous outfits at various events. She also joined the NPP and slammed the then NDC government in the run up to the 2016 elections. She’s also the one who called out Nana Akua Addo on IG for being a liar and a backstabber.

11. Nana Akua Addo.

She’s tagged as a liar in the industry thanks to an onslaught by colleague actress, Bibi Bright and supported by Selly Galley. According to Bibi, Nana Akua is behind several IG accounts that comment negatively on other celebrities IG posts. She further accused Nana Akua of backstabbing other celebrities and talking bad about them. She mentioned several celebrities that Nana Akua has done this to including Selly who also took to Instagram to confirm the accusations.

Source: Omg Voice

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