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How To Get A Bigger And Fluffier Afro

Big hair is life!

A big afro is a badge of honour for naturalistas. One rule about hair is the bigger, the better. Nobody wants a small teeny hair for long. Even if your hair isn’t very long, getting a big afro isn’t all that hard if you know the tricks of the trade. For a big afro, you’d need:

1. An Afro Comb

How are you going to get an Afro without a pick/comb?

Image: HelloQueen

2. A hand dryer with its comb

Although heat is considered a taboo. Too much heat is a bad thing as it can damage your hair. Most hand dryers have low heat settings you can use.

Image: NaturallyBeautifulGH/Blogspot

3. Spray bottle with water inside

This is optional if you haven’t washed your hair in a while. But you can totally skip this if you’ve washed your hair.

Image: KLsNaturals/Blogspot

4. Your hair oil

Moisturising is a must. As most natural hair is prone to drying out, any opportunity to apply more moisture is definitely welcomed.

castor oil

Firstly, wash your hair and section it.

Plait it and allow it to dry. Or you can simply skip the wash if your hair is clean, but section your hair and plait. This will make the combing easier.

Image: YouTube

Mist your hair with some water from your spray bottle.

Loosen a section of your hair and apply some hair oil from root to ends like always. Then comb thoroughly using your afro pick. Then get out your hand dryer. Put the heat on low. Then use comb portion of the hand dryer to go from root to tip. Do this till the comb flows easily through your hair. Repeat for all sections.

Image: YouTube

Then comb your entire hair out together using the comb.

Use a ribbon or yarn to secure your bigger and better afro.

Image: YouTube

Source: Omg Voice

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