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If Your Scalp Itches Everytime, Try This

Top author and nature loving Alex Elle shares a recipe for itchy scalp and she swears by it.

Dry scalp causes itchiness so it’s safe to say dry scalp/dandruff are major causes of itchy scalp.

Dry scalp is common most times due to lifestyle habits, this can occur when you don’t take enough water, as a result of eczema and even weather changes.

Alex Elle
Alex Elle  (Instagram/Alex_Elle )

Dry Scalp can happen to anyone, no matter how healthy the hair looks (physically). The itch can get so bad that they leave the scalp irritated and sore.

A dry scalp (aka itchy scalp) is characterized by loose, white, powdery flakes which happens when the natural glands that produce natural oil for the scalp is dehydrated (reason to always stay hydrated by drinking water).

Dry scalp is common in both males and females. It comes off embarrassing when constant flakiness and patches of whitish oily dead skin is seen on the head that itches non-stop.

Alex Elle
Alex Elle  (Hood Witch )

Alex Elle shares a recipe she reveals works well for her.

What you need:

Peppermint water

Lavender water

Aloe Vera juice

Rosemary essential oil

Tea tree essential oil

Lemon essential oil

Mix the above together in a spray pump bottle and spray on clean hair as often as possible.

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