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Top 6 Cross-Dressers In The Nigerian Entertainment Scene

Cross-Dressers In The Nigerian Entertainment – For clarity sakes, Cross-dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing and other accouterments commonly associated with the opposite Sex within a particular society. However, since many of the things ladies wear can be masculine in a way, it is hard to tell if a lady is generally a cross dresser. For example, a woman wearing Agbada or a pant suit with a tie, is regarded as stylish and not cross-dressing.

However, men cannot take a bold risk that is not within their sphere without looking odd. While some people that engage in cross-dressing are regarded as transgenders, some just love the art and possibly the controversy it comes with.

In Nigeria, we have a few people who walk the street wearing cross attires. Here are just some of them.

1. Hushpuppi 

Hushpuppi is one of those people who are so rich without any actual proof of the source of their wealth. This guy would almost pass off for a normal guy, but his occasional dressing in female blouses and clothes in general, would cause you to have a second glance. To Huspuppi, it’s just style, but we’ll never really know for sure.

2. Bobrisky 

Probably the most controversial person on this list today, Bobrisky is one crossdresser that has taken it to the limit and pushed boundaries. Asides crossdressing alone, he takes it up a notch by using over the top expensive skin products, making completely feminine hair, being on full on makeup, and acting completely feminine. If we didn’t know better, we’ll have thought he was a real woman. His Sexuality has, of course, be questioned one too many times.

3. Bayo

This list would not be complete without the Nigerian crossdresser who simply goes by the name, Bayo. From makeup, to facials, and sexy attires, you can tell he’s a proper crossdresser. However, Bayo has been known to take it up a few notches, by showing off his buttocks on social media. Sometimes, these things just get scary and confusing.

4. Denrele Edun 

Denrele is one of the foremost crossdressers Nigeria has ever had. Unlike some of the others, this guy is highly talented. He is a television host and to this end, he has won a whole lot of awards including ‘The Best TV Personality’ at the NEAs in NewYork 2011, and Dynamix Award for Best Youth TV Personality for three years in a row – 2006, 2007, & 2008. He is not afraid to dress or act feminine and he certainly knows how to walk in proper heels.

5. Pels International

Unless you are deep in the fashion and beauty industry in Nigeria, you might not have heard about Pels. He is skilled when it comes to beauty routines and makeup and he makes a lot of money from it, offering services to top celebrities. Pels International, as he is regarded as, has also dressed effeminately a few times.

6. Charlie Boy 

Last on our list is Charlie Boy. Charlie Boy had always been a little different in his dressing and it really did seem like his wife accepted him that way. However, after a few scandals and controversies, so much about his style and sexauality is confusing. He isn’t afraid to look different and he is one that has been long in this game.

Source: Media Hoarders

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