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10 Cheat Sheets For Every Girl Who Wants Longer Natural Hair

 You read all the blog posts, watch all the vlogs, buy all the expensive products, but still, your hair is not showing any signs of growth. The truth is that your hair is growing, but you’re unable to retain the growth, so it keeps breaking off. Here are some tips that will help you retain hair growth, and have flawless natural hair.

1. Breakage is the enemy, and here’s how you can prevent it:

Image- Naturalhairgrows

2. Remember these ‘Do’s and Dont’s’

Image- Pinterest

3. Major keys!

4. Follow these tips, and you’d see change in your length

Image- Pinterest

5. Extra tips for retaining length

Image- Pinterest

6. More tips for avoiding breakage

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7. For the ladies who don’t want to go through the big chop

Image- Pinterest

8. Steam your hair

Image- Pinterest

9. Trim your ends!

10. Know the science of your hair


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