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5 Hair Care Myths BUSTED

How to take care of your hair can a hotly contested issue. What you do at home and what your hairdresser does in the salon often seems to be conflicting.

Also, no matter how much you spend on your hair products, it appears your hairdresser will never approve unless it is a salon brand and then there are so many to choose from…

Have you ever noticed how your hair feels, looks and smells different when you’ve been to the salon by comparison to when you do your hair at home?

Have you tried to replicate the salon’s end result at home only to fail each time?

If this sounds about right then you are not alone in your plight to have salon-fresh hair. Many people struggle with hair and scalp issues: more than they care to admit. And, they are unsure of how to treat the problem especially when they’re suffering from persistent flaky scalp and the like.

Flaky scalp is often a symptom of a bigger problem. The cause is often due to conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis. In this case, you must seek proper treatment for the issue. Sometimes this is brought on by stress and sometimes it’s brought on by the incorrect care for your hair.

However, you can keep your hair healthy and strong through maintenance at home if you know how.

But there are, unfortunately, some hair care myths out there that deserve to be busted. Either they’re untrue or unnecessary:

Myth #1: You must cut your hair to make it grow

You must trim your hair as doing so will keep your hair healthy and get rid of damaged ends. However, it won’t make your hair grow any faster. The hair grows from the root, so snipping off ends won’t assist it with growing faster than it naturally will. Your hair is bound to however, look healthier and fuller after a good cut.

Myth #2: You must wash your hair every day

Well this a controversial topic. There is a lot of information out there about whether you should wash your hair daily, or if not, how often you should wash your hair.

Some say washing your hair daily will cause the natural oils to build up on your scalp and will result in your hair looking greasy.

However, in reality, you must wash your hair as frequently as your hair type needs and according to your personal preference.

Using the correct shampoo for your hair is also vitally important. If you are using the right shampoo for your hair type then you are likely to find that washing your hair every two to three days will be sufficient.

Myth #3: Cold water makes your hair shine

Okay, so there is some truth in this as cold water does increase the shine of your hair but not drastically. Washing your hair in icy water will only make for a very uncomfortable shower experience and the payoff will be minimal.

The best idea is to create a happy medium where you wash your hair as per normal – and once a week you use tepid or lukewarm water, which will increase the circulation of your hair follicles.

The best idea is to create a happy medium where you wash your hair as per normal – and once a week you use tepid or lukewarm water, which will boost the circulation of your hair follicles

Myth #4: Change your shampoo once in a while to keep your hair on its “toes”

You must choose the right type of shampoo for your hair type in order to get optimal hair care results. But changing your shampoo won’t necessarily improve your hair quality unless you’re changing from using a product that is unsuitable for your hair to one that is.

For instance, hair care technology has come very far and you can now find shampoos that will assist those with frizzy hair, limp and fine hair and even coloured hair. So find one that suits your needs and stick with it. Changing products won’t make any difference to your hair’s quality.

Myth #5: Don’t use conditioner on oily hair

Greasy hair, just like a flaky scalp, is caused by a bigger problem than using too much conditioner. If you suffer from particularly greasy hair, then you need to cleanse the hair of the greasy build up and lightly condition.

You can also buy conditioner specifically formulated for greasy hair, and used in conjunction with an exfoliating and clarifying shampoo, you are bound to get excellent results. This is the same principle as not moisturising oily skin. You simply must.

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