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6 Tips to Prevent Your Makeup from Ageing You

Most of us wear makeup because it makes us feel and look better. Teen girls will often cake themselves in products in an attempt to look older and they can be forgiven for getting it wrong – they’ll learn!

But many people wear makeup to try to hide the signs of ageing and to look more radiant and youthful, and sadly they also often get this wrong. Here are six ways to ensure your makeup doesn’t make you look older instead of younger.

1. Don’t wear too much

Are you guilty of really piling on the makeup in an attempt to smooth out your skin so that you appear younger? This is a rookie error. In fact, wearing heavy foundation and doing harsh contouring can flatten out your face and remove any actual signs of life from it. This means that, unless you have really problematic skin, rather switch the heavy coverage for something more sheer.

2. Prime your lines

Just in case you thought that using foundation was the best way to fill in fine lines, you’d be wrong – primer is tops. This amazing product should be applied to clean skin and allowed to dry before you apply your makeup. It will fill in any wrinkles and enlarged pores so that you have a smooth canvas to which to apply your cosmetics.

3. Match your colours

It might seem obvious, but make sure that you choose shades, specifically with regard to foundation and blushes, that are well matched to your skin tone. This is something that a lot of people get very wrong, and it’s obvious in the most cringeworthy way. This might mean that you need different shades for different seasons, but looking natural is the key to looking young and radiant.

4. Wear sunscreen

Living in Africa, we all know how important it is to apply a good-quality SPF daily. This still applies if you are wearing a full face of makeup. Sun damage is one of the biggest causes of ageing, and UV rays can penetrate right through your foundation regardless of how much you apply, which can cause sunspots, discolouration and wrinkles. Prevent this by wearing an SPF under your makeup.

5. Use matt products with caution

Matt lips might still be bang on trend, but when it comes to your foundation it can make you look older. This is because as we get older our skin becomes drier, so adding to the existing dryness by using a setting powder will emphasise any fine lines. Dewy skin is associated with youth, so unless you have excessively oily skin, it’s time to embrace the shine.

6. Keep it natural

A pop of colour on the eyes every now and then can be uber-glam, but if you want to look younger, then something more subtle and neutral, paired with bold lashes, is the way forward. Dark and bright eye shadow has a tendency to look like something from a bad ’80s music video if it isn’t applied properly, so wear it with caution.

PHOTO: iStock/Eva-Katalin

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