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6 Everyday Habits That Can Damage Our Health

There are certain things we do every day that actually pose a threat to our health. Some of these habits are common and ordinary, embedded in our day to day activities.

Who would think that even the ordinary activities you engage in could damage your health?

Below are 10 everyday habits that may damage your health. Check them out and see if they are damaging yours.

1. Sitting: Countless studies show time and time again that being physically inactive leads to a whole list of health problems.
The World Health Organization reports that being physically inactive comes in fourth as a leading risk factor for death.
Many people have jobs that require they sit, but do you sit even more when you get home? If you have to sit for work, try standing at every opportunity you get or try taking a walk instead of using the intercom.

2. Snacking: Eating when you’re not hungry can create all kinds of problems.
Most times, when people snack so, unhealthy food is being consumed, causing weight to be gained, sodium to rise and cholesterol levels to go up.

3. Cell phones: Experts revealed that when cellphones are used before bed, the light from the cell phones or tablets triggers our brains to stay awake thereby causing insomnia. There’s also a report that the rays from our mobile device can cause cancer.

4. TV: Everyone likes to sit and watch a good movie, but RD points out that too much of a good thing can become bad.
Sitting at the TV means you’re more prone to snack and less active. Use it wisely.

5. Skipping breakfast: Often people who are trying to control what they eat skip breakfast because they aren’t hungry or just don’t have time. Having your breakfast kick starts your body and triggers your metabolism. Without that trigger, you may end up eating much in the afternoon, thereby gaining more than you lose.

6. Oversleeping: Over-sleeping is actually a medical disorder. The condition causes people to suffer from extreme sleepiness throughout the day. It also causes them to sleep for unusually long periods of time at night. This can trigger headaches. The required sleep duration for an adult is 7-8 hours daily.(The Whistler)

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