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Five Ways to Easily and Effectively Clean Your Beautyblender

Far from being just an average makeup sponge, this product is trusted by beauty-industry professionals when it comes to applying foundation easily and flawlessly.

Like other brushes and sponges, Beautyblenders need to be cleaned regularly to make sure that you don’t transfer bacteria or old makeup to your face, which might cause breakouts and infections. But how exactly do you clean this egg-shaped sponge? Here’s how:

1. Do it immediately

The best way to keep your Beautyblender clean and prolong its life is to wash it immediately after each use. This means that if you apply foundation every day you will be washing it daily. This might seem excessive, but cleaning it immediately after use prevents a buildup of products, which will make it harder to clean later.

2. Use your face wash

Although Beautyblender makes its own special cleaning liquid, this can become costly if you are cleaning your sponge daily. Using your face wash will do the job just as well. Another product that has been shown to be effective is ordinary bar soap. Rub the sponge against the soap and then work the product out with your fingers before rinsing thoroughly.

3. Clean it twice

If you are a devotee of double cleansing for your face, you’ll know that sometimes cleaning something once just isn’t enough. This same method can be very effective in cleaning your Beautyblender. After use, allow it to soak in an oil cleanser to get all the gunk loose and then use a foam one to wash away the residue.

4. Give it the chop

Unfortunately Beautyblenders don’t last forever and every so often yours will become tatty and need replacing. Another clever way to extend the life of the sponge, even if it’s just for a few weeks, is to cut it in half. This will expose the clean, unused centre, which you can now use when applying your foundation.

5. Store it correctly

You might not realise it, but how you pack and store your Beautyblender is just as important as cleaning it is. Before you pack it into your beauty kit, make sure that it’s completely dry to prevent mould from forming. Also make sure that whatever you store it in is breathable and clean, as this will prevent bacteria building up and dirt being transferred to the tool.

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