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Leukaemia: Here Are Five Things You Should Know About This Debilitating Illness

As new reports came out that veteran broadcaster Sadiq Daba is undergoing treatment for leukaemia, perhaps now is a good time to find out what the disease is and how it affect its patients.

1. Leukaemia is also known as cancer of the blood

It begins in the bone marrow when abnormal leucocytes are formed, leading to a suppression the production of normal blood cells causing anaemia and other symptoms.

2. Men Are More Likely To Be Victims

Although anybody is can be affected; research has shown that leukaemia is more likely to attack more men than women, and the risks increase with age.

3. You Should Go Get Checked For Leukaemia If…

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms then you should definitely pay your doctor a visit: Loss of appetite, fever, drastic weight loss, fatigue, shortness of breath and pain below the ribs… It could be a telling sign.

4. Leukaemia Is Not Necessarily Genetic

Many people are quick to blame their family when they discover they have leukaemia but family has little to do with it. There is no proven genetic cause.

5. Are You A Smoker? Then You Must Be A Joker


Yes, its true that smoking does not directly cause leukaemia. However, researchers have found out that smoking does increase your chances of becoming a cancer patient of any kind. (

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