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Some gospel artist lack discipline -Frank Edwards

In an interview, Contemporary gospel artiste, Frank Edwards claimed indiscipline and lack of understanding is why people quit gospel music for secular music.

He said, “It is indiscipline and I must confess they are not discipline. This is because if you know the word of God and you are well disciplined, you should know that gospel music is life, your life is secured, securing the lives of others, and you are changing lives possibly with your message.

“Most people will say the reason they quit gospel music for secular music is because gospel singers are broke, and that tells you that they came in with wrong motive. I mean if you want to make money, you can go work at the bank.”

According to him, the gospel music world is not an industry unlike the secular music world, it is a ministry.

“I will say gospel music is a ministry, it is not an industry. You have the music industry, then you have the ministry. They all should understand that, because the rules are different in the ministry.

“So it is a ministry, and if you want to make exploit in it you have to follow the rules. The Bible affirmed that by saying ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other thing shall be added unto you.” He added.


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