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6 Foods that Surprisingly Flattens Your Stomach

Struggling to get a flat tummy? In this article we take a look at 6 flat stomach foods you might not have considered yet as you look to get a flatter stomach.

1) Soy Beans: Soy beans are sometimes confused with edamame beans, but they’re two different types of bean. However, they are both green, and they are both good flat stomach foods. Soy wins this round, though, on account of being an excellent way to combat belly fat.

2) Salmon: Salmon is one of the healthiest flat stomach foods you can eat, and it’s especially good at combating belly fat.. It’s rich in vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, both of which take the fight to fat.

3) Eggs: Speaking of eggs! When you combine salmon with eggs, you’re really attacking belly fat. Eggs are stuffed with lots of protein, which is why they make the ideal breakfast meal. Why? Because protein keeps you filled up for longer, thus preventing you from over-eating on calorific junk throughout the morning.

4) Olive Oil: Knowing which oil to cook with is not so easy anymore. We’ve all been scared off by polyunsaturated fats in cooking oils, so much so that we decide to just go with avocado oil like a hipster and hope for the best.

5) Yogurt: For whatever reason, yogurt has developed a reputation among some people for making us fatter, rather than flatter. But thanks to its live bacteria content, the truth is that yogurt helps to flatten your stomach..

6) Apples: Not only does an apple a day keep the doctor away, it also helps to keep belly fat at bay. Unusually for a fruit, apples are absolutely stuffed with fibre. This means that they’re a great snack to eat if you want to avoid binge-snacking on fatty foods. They’re also 85% water. (RipplesNigeria)

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