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7 Foods that Keep Heart Diseases Away

Your heart  is a valuable organ that you need to look after especially as heart diseases are on the rise.

Listed below are seven foods that keep heart diseases away and keep you as healthy and fit as a fiddle.

1) Nuts: Nuts – in all their rich different types – contain lots of fibre, which helps to keep your ticker healthy. They’re also rich in vitamin E, which is known to reduce bad cholesterol. Some nuts, such as walnuts, are also high in essential omega-3s.

2) Avocado: Avocado should probably share first place with nuts in our list of best foods for your heart. You probably already eat avocado (who doesn’t?). But just incase you’re one of the few people who have taken a principled stand against eating avocado on account of it being a hipster thing, it’s time to start adding it to your grocery list.

3) Oatmeal: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there are few better things you can have for breakfast than a fulfilling bowl of oatmeal. Not only is oatmeal super important for your heart’s health, it can be eaten with all kinds of nutritious fresh fruit and grains.

4) Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate has been the subject of several studies, all of which have concluded that this rich delight can reduce your risk of stroke and heart attacks. It’s because of its cocoa content.

5) Blueberries: The bluest of all berries, blueberries just evoke happiness. Small, cute and tasty, they’re nutritional heroes that look after your heart with a smile on their face. Rich in antioxidants that battle inflammation.

6) Tomatoes: The luscious red tomato is one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. It’s also one of the tastiest, most versatile, and it’s also one of the best foods for your heart. Tomatoes are rich in potassium, a micronutrient that’s good for your heart.

7) Green tea: Away from the indulgence and excitement of dark chocolate and red wine is the humble green tea. But, hey, it’s just as effective for looking after your heart, and offers lots of other health benefits, too.

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