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Beauty Tips on Surviving the Harmattan Season 

The harmattan period is that time of the year (between November – middle of March) , when leaves on tree begins to fall off, when the grass becomes dry and strong like an iron sponge, when the weather just becomes quite unfriendly, leaving our skin and body with mixed feelings.

As sometimes it’s pretty cold, {this helps ladies preserve their makeup without a sweat} while other times it’s extremely hot and dusty. I call it the Nigerian summer.

This has an agonizing effect on individuals with dry skin. But here’s the good news, in the midst of the harsh weather, we could still make it a refreshing one without the skin breaking out. Want to know how?, here’s how:

  1.  Make use of mild moisturizing soap on the body while bathing
  2. After bath, moderately apply oil, in order to sustain moisture on the skin and feet. Do not totally dry up the body after shower.
  3. You could as well add little drops of oil into water before having your bath {this is optional}.
  4. This season, hydrating creams and lotion are the best to be used for all skin types. So get yourself one.
  5. Remember not to forget to apply hand cream both at night, before bedtime and during the day.
  6. Now this is for the lovers and users of face toners and cleansers. Ensure you put a stop to the use of those contained with alcohol or astringents, and be sure to go for those with PH of 5.5
  7. After cleansing, do moisturize your face.
  8. So much has been said about the body, now looking at the lips, it also needs to be taken care of, to prevent lip breakage. For the ladies, before applying lipstick, apply lip balm and for the men, do not opt out in investing in a lip balm.

Follow this judiciously and be sure to end the season having an awesome skin. (

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