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Ghanaian Actress, Yvonne Nelson Opens up on Pregnancy and more

Popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has finally revealed details why she dumped her fiance to become a babymama.

Following months of speculation surrounding her pregnancy, Yvonne has finally released her pregnancy photos to celebrate her birthday! She also received backlash after it was discovered that the Ghanaian actress, gave birth outside wedlock, the actress has come out to reveal why she took such a step by dumping her fiance.

In a tell-it-all interview with WowMagazine, the actress revealed details people didn’t know about.

She wrote on Instagram:

WOW! ITS MY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎊🎂 The BEST year of my life!
The best birthday GIFT ever!
Looking for a miracle?? Just look around you….it’s there. He’s present in everything

This is coming after it was reported that Yvonne Nelson got married to a secret lover, which she denied.

For her pregnancy photoshoot, Yvonne posed for WOW Magazine, and spoke about having a child out of wedlock, how her mother felt about the news, and what she feels about marriage in general.

Asked about how her mother felt about the pregnancy, she said:

“My mum, she used to be so big on marriage, she was very traditional: marriage then baby. Until I got pregnant. It’s like everything changed.

I guess your priority obviously changes to something else. She is now concerned about the baby. She doesn’t pressure me anymore with marriage. You know, it’s not like I am engaged or married or anything. It’s just that when it happens, it happens. As a woman, you cannot marry yourself.”

Asked if she thinks she is not the typical traditional girl, she said:

“I believe if I say that people might say I am not setting a good example, but I think society is just too hard on most of us. It is good to get married. It is the right thing to do.

But then again if you are a woman and you think you are getting to a certain age and you want to have kids and you meet a responsible guy who hasn’t yet proposed but wants to do the same thing, it depends on you and him.

You can go ahead and do it if you think the guy is right and responsible and he makes you happy. Why not? Marriage nowadays is just ceremony and a huge wedding.

The whole marriage thing, that name is just so scary.”


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