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Ovarian Cancer Warning Signs

Ovarian cancer is not a new name, it is a disease that takes the lives of up to 152,000 women every year. The frightening thing is that it often has no early symptoms, which is even more tragic because if caught early, the success rate for treatment is very high.

This is why every woman, especially those at risk for ovarian cancer (women over forty, who have gone into menopause, or women with a history of cancer in their family) should be on the lookout for warning signs like:

INCREASINGLY WORSENING BACK PAIN: Back pain is not usually a cause for alarm, but if it gets increasingly worse, then you should get checked out by a doctor.

LOWER ABDOMINAL/PELVIC PAIN: Bloating, with abdominal pain that gets worse as the days pass is one of the little things that should warn you that something is wrong.

SUDDENLY ABNORMAL MENSTRUAL CYCLE: Even though this cancer is predominant in post-menopausal women, pre-menopausal women who suddenly start getting erratic and painful and strange signs during their period should be concerned.

EXCESSIVE FATIGUE: As the disease advances, women who have it start to get excessively fatigued, tired and irritable, with a feeling of malaise that doesn’t go away no matter how much they rest.

PAINFUL SEX: If sex suddenly becomes painful and uncomfortable, it is advisable to consult a physician. It could be a sign of ovarian cancer.

NAUSEA AND VOMITING: When cancer spreads to the digestive system, nausea and vomiting start to develop with no relief.

FREQUENT DIARRHOEA AND CONSTIPATION: Especially when treatment has been sought but nothing seems to work. This is a warning sign of ovarian cancer.

If you have noticed some of these, do get tested at a hospital and start treatment. The earlier, the better. (Eskimi)


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