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Struggles Only Girls with Oily Skin Would Understand

Oily skin is the bane of every girl’s existence! Yeah, it’s that terrible, and only girls who have it can understand just how miserable it makes someone feel.

It doesn’t matter if you wash your face; you’ll still look all greasy

Washing your face on a regular basis doesn’t help matters when you have an oily face because within few hours face will be oozing grease all over again.

You ditch skin moisturizers

Since your face moisturizes itself with grease, lathering on a moisturizing cream is adding more insult to injury. So you avoid skin moisturizers regardless of how beneficial they are for your skin.

Washing your beddings several times a week

Sure, you’ll have to get all that oil out of them else you’ll end up messing up your face with residual grease left on your pillowcases or worse get a case of skin breakouts all over your face if you don’t get them cleaned.

You’re always self-conscious

Yep, that’s right. You get fidget whenever someone stares at you for long and you start wondering if your face isn’t greasy and extra-shiny!

Oil-free beauty products don’t cut it

Over-the-counter beauty products like creams and powders that are supposed to be oil-controls don’t seem to be effective at all because few minutes after using them your face gets all oily again! So unfair!

Your skin never gets flaky!

This one here is a big plus! Your oily skin saves you all the time from having dry, itchy, flaky skin and this means you ain’t getting wrinkles anytime soon cos your skin is so hydrated! (Source: Eskimi)

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