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7 Ways to Avoid Colds and Flu This Cold Season

December is the month for colds and flu. It is when infections tend to become prevalent.We are exposed to germs every day and especially during a cold weather, we are liable to catch cold or have flu. Here 7 ways you can avoid catching colds and flu.

1. Get a Flu Shot
Getting a flu shot is the safest way to prevent the flu. You can get this from a doctor or visit a clinic.

2. Eat Healthy
Eating healthy should be your number one priority! Most of the time we just eat what we like without considering the effects it has on our body. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis helps to strengthen our immune system. And thats a lot easier than fighting off the flu.

3. Keep Your Hands Off Your Nose
Stop touching your nose! Our hands carry germs a lot and when we don’t wash regularly, we can transfer germs from our fingers to our nose. Remember, your nose is a no touching zone, this way, you can avoid catching the flu.

4. Get Enough Sleep
We tend to overwork ourselves sometimes and sacrifice our sleep. This is not so good for our health plus you need more sleep when youre feeling under the weather. When you’re tired, your body isnt fighting as hard, getting up 8 hours to 10 hours sleep a night will help fight flu and increase your immune system. A strong immune system sends illnesses away.

5. Quit Smoking
According to a study of smokers and infection published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2004, smoking actually increases the risk of infections by making structural changes in the respiratory tract and decreasing immune response. Smoking destroys cilia, the little hairlike fibers inside our noses; this can help increase infection risks.

6. Work Out
This may seem unbelievable but it is true. Our body needs this physical therapy to keep our bodies healthy and prevent illnesses. It also strengthens our immune system and fights viral infections like flu. So start jogging or hit the gym!!

7. Wash Your Hands
Last but not the least, washing your hands regularly is another best way to prevent the flu. Our hands are always active from gripping door handles to touching walls or doing things. It is easy for us to be exposed to germs through our hands, so we need to wash our hands a lot especially when we are close to sick people. To completely get rid of germs from your skin, you need to scrub hard for 20 seconds or more by scrubbing the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails.

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