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5 Foods You Should Start Eating If You Want Healthy Glowing Skin

You are what you eat, and this is not just a cliche that fit fam members use. Glowing skin does not come by accident. Your skin will respond to what you put on it directly and what you put in your body.

The food you eat can literally shape your life. Eating the right food is necessary if you want to be in good shape. Also, good skin, good hair, good teeth and good nails all come from eating good food. So if you want glowing skin, it makes sense to start from what you put inside your body.

Here are five foods you should start eating if you want glowing skin:


You knew this was coming didn’t you? If you want great skin, you just have to take in a lot of water. We know many people don’t like to drink water, but guess what, you can “eat your water” instead. Foods like watermelons, cucumbers and carrots contain enough water to give your skin a hydration boost. Also as an extra tip, you can slice fruits into your regular water to make it easier to drink. It might not be fun at first, but darling if you want glowing skin, it’s worth it.

Glowing skin watermelon Zumi
(Well-being secrets)

Remember when eggs were made to look like the bad guys? Well those days are over. Eggs are good for you and your skin so eat up. Egg yolks Vitamin A which helps to balance hormones and clear skin irritations caused by hormones.


Avocados are super yummy so this should be an easy one. They contain fatty acids which help with the growth and repair of skin. Spread this on brown bread for a delicious breakfast.


Throw a slice of lemon in water and drink it in the morning for healthy and glowing skin. Lemons clean out toxins from your body so they’re great for you.


It’s almost mango season, Yay! Mangoes contain ingredients which repair your skin and help its elasticity so make sure you load up.

Glowing skin mango
( Mango)

Which of these foods do you like to eat?

Source: Zumi

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