• Exercise: 7 Benefits Of Regular Physical Activity

    You know exercise is good for you, but do you know how good? From boosting your mood to improving your sex life, find out how exercise can improve your life. Want to feel better, have more energy and even add years to your life? Just exercise. The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity […]

  • Donald Trump Claims Media is Deliberately Ignoring Terror Attacks

    The White House has distributed a list of 78 terrorist attacks to support Donald Trump’s claim that the media is failing to properly report them. But the list includes many atrocities that received blanket western media coverage including the Paris Bataclan attacks, the Nice truck killings and the San Bernardino shootings. Many others including the […]

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  • Funke Adesiyan Says “The President Is A Two Faced Tyrant”

    Funke Adesiyan is an actress and a producer in the Nollywood movie industry who contested for the 2015 PDP House of Assembly aspirant in Oyo State. Funke took to Instagram to blast President Buhari, who extended his vacation/medical leave in London indefinitely on Sunday. She wrote: ‘There was a Country! I am not disappointed in […]


    You can’t really tie down what makes any individual a success, but there are a few things that are pretty common to them all. One is that they are all busy people, number two is that they often travel a lot and number three, is that they stay organised. Modern gadgets can help a lot, […]

  • Angelique Kidjo And Her Daughter Make A Remarkable Pair

    Angélique Kidjo is a Beninese Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter and activist, noted for her diverse musical influences and creative music videos. The Beninese vocalist shares photo with her beautiful daughter, Naima who is a graduate from yale university. See photo

  • Meme: Was TuFace Forced To Cancel The Protest?

    Many believed that TuFace cancelled the protest because he was forced to do so after claims were made that he was arrested by DSS and the life of his family were threatened. Although, he denied the allegations made when he took to his Instagram to clear out the air. He wrote: Thanks for the concern […]

  • Clip Of Charlyboy Protesting With Fellow Nigerians

    Charlyboy joins other protesters in the fight for a better change. Although, TuFace who called for the protest is absent but Charlyboy and other important persons are there to raise #OneVoice and #StandWithNigeria. Burna Boy and Davido who took to Instagram to show their support by agreeing to the join the protest were absent but […]

  • Nationwide Protest Kicks Off Despite TuFace’s Cancellation

    The massive nationwide protest against the federal government today February, 6 was announced by music star 2baba Idibia. Nigerians have started to gather at the National Stadium one of the venues of the nationwide protest. The protest was earlier championed by the musician but on Saturday, February 4; he released a video saying he was […]

  • Seyi Law Wants To Continue The Protest

    Seyi Law, a Nigerian comedian has reacted to Tuface Idibia’s announcement that he has cancelled the February 6 anti-Buhari march set to hold in Lagos and Abuja. The comedian in a series of tweets has vowed to go ahead despite the fact that tuface has cancelled the protest. ”I am giving Nigerians the assurance that […]