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  • 8 Simple Ways to Save Money

    Sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is just getting started. It can be difficult to figure out simple ways to save money and how to use your savings to pursue your financial goals. This step-by-step guide to money-saving habits can help you develop a realistic savings plan. 1. Record your expenses The first step […]

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    WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE LIFE THE SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE LIVE? Why? Yes, why you want to admire them when you yourself can become so successful in life . Before even thinking to follow someone, you need to have focus and determination on your aim. Yes, without it no one can become successful. Your optimisation and hard […]


    We all want a good, secure future that makes us happy. We want a family, a car, a nice house, a good job with a good pension. We want flexibility, health and internal harmony. The problem is that far too many of us simply don’t have the time to answer the future question, and therefore […]

  • How Much to Save for Retirement

    According to a recent consumer survey, most people have very little — if anything at all — saved for retirement. Fifty-six percent have less than One million naira earmarked for retirement, which is not even enough to cover a year of day-to-day living expenses for most people. In a national survey, 71 percent felt they […]

  • The Opportunity Fund: How to be prepared for lucky breaks

    The first step on the road to financial freedom is to eliminate debt . The second is to save for emergencies. Your emergency fund acts as self-insurance, cushioning you from small disasters. Life is full of unexpected surprises, many of which cost money — a thief smashes the windshield of your car, your son gets […]

  • 18 Ways to Spend Less and Save More Money

    The key to reducing your spending is to cut back a little in every area. Start with simplifying your life. We fool ourselves by never thinking about the total annual costs of the things we spend our hard-earned money on. Spending $100 for cell phone service may not seem like much on a monthly basis, […]