Celeb: Segun Arinze

  • Celebrity Patrons of Nigeria’s Baby Mama Association

    The baby mama wave has become commonplace among celebrities and even regular Nigerians. It is such a big deal that there’s even an unofficial baby mama association on social media. Nowadays, numerous celebrities have baby mamas while there are some who have multiple or are married to none. They are the chief baby-daddies of the […]

  • Segun Arinze’s Daughter Blasts him on Instagram 

    Veteran actor and proud father, Segun Arinze took to his IG page to celebrate his daughter, Renny Njemanze, as she turns 20, and the drama all started when his daughter dropped her comments. Renny stormed his page with insultive words, correcting the 51-year-old actor, adding that he should stop spreading lies. She proceeded to call […]

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