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Falz and Simi are up to something and we have an idea of what it’s about

Falz Thebahdguy and Simi have something up their sleeves. And we are curious as to what.

Over the past three days, both the rapper and singer have been sharing conceptual pictures they took together.

But the question is, what are they up to?

Falz and Simi have collaborated on each other’s projects. Simi featured in Falz ‘s, much celebrated, ‘Soldier’ and Falz returned the favour on the remix to Simi’s breakout single, ‘Jamb Question’.

Soldier was made into a short film. In the movie, Falz woos his love interest (Simi) and eventually attempts to save her from a group of terrorists, who kidnapped her along with other girls. Holding them hostage in a forest.

The scenario portrayed in the movie alluded to the kidnap of over 200 Chibok girl in the Northeast of Nigeria by Boko Haram terrorists. Though the girls were believed to be held captive in Sambisa forest, their fate was unknown.

‘Soldier’ ended with Falz and his platoon locating Simi and the other girls, while the terrorists got up in arms. And with that, three words came up on screen “to be continued”.

And with the recent release of 21 of the abducted girls, it’s only right that the parallel universe inhabited by Falz and Simi also share same fate.

The pictures shared by both artists show them as a couple. A logical end to ‘Soldier’ if you ask me.

What do you think?

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