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16 Funny Things Nigerians Do

1. We love arriving late to an occasion just because we feel others would arrive late too – AFRICAN TIME.

2. We flash with private number.

3. We are very loud especially when we are talking on the mobile phone.

4. We wear sun glasses at night.

5. We run in the rain even though we are already wet.

6. We answer questions with questions.

7. We always use ‘o’ at the end of everything.

8. We call every elderly family friend uncle or aunty.

9. Some of us will go to South Africa for one week and come back with American or British accent.

10. Our parents like to sew uniformed outfits for us and our siblings for special occasions.

11. We love to crush chicken bones and fish bones #Calcium things

12. Our mums especially would force us to eat even if we aren’t hungry or when we’re sick.

13. We love to invite people to occasions someone else invited us to.

14. If someone die in Nigeria, we don’t believe it is natural #Village must be involved.

15. Our Mothers remind us they carried our pregnancy for nine month when we refuse to go on errands for them.

16. We see u awake in the morning and ask you “you don wake?”

These are what make us UNIQUE!!!! (Source: NairaLand)

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