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7 Times Your Saving Habit Helped Your Life

1. When you’ve spent your last card and you find some money in your pillow.
See how God sent me manna from heaven.

2. When salary has not entered yet and your ‘kolo’ is the only way forward.
And you thought piggy banks are a joke.

3. When your friends don’t know you lend them money so you can collect it when you’re broke.
Saving with scope.

4. When your Popsi is proving stubborn and doesn’t give you allowance, but he doesn’t know your savings is more than his own.
Baba, shift abeg!

5. You, when you’re broke and you remember the 5k you kept in your savings account.
It’s good to have sense o!

6. When your friends are always broke, but you’re forever in the flex zone.
Everyday chilling.

7. How your mind is always at peace because you ‘know say money no be problem’.
I have zero problems!


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