Donald Trump Has Signed New Executive Orders

With many yet to come to terms with the administrative position of the president, Trump keeps making efforts to launch the United States forward despite the uproar raised by people. The recent ban placed on 7 Muslim-majority countries sparked a lot of controversies all over the world. The US president is undaunted by the protests raised within and outside the country in as much as the Americans are protected.

The world leader has revealed the new executive orders he will be adding to his to-do-list. These orders according to the Trump are designed to restore safety in America.

Find the new executive orders below:

1. Reducing crime and restoring public safety

2. Enforcing federal law with respect to the transnational criminal organizations and preventing international trafficking

3. Preventing violence against federal, state, tribal and local law enforcement officials

President Trump signed the executive orders in the Oval Office after the swearing in of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The executive order on crime reduction will make Sessions create a new task force on crime reduction and public Safety. As part of the duties of the task force, they are expected to come up with strategies aimed at crime reduction with special concern given to illegal immigration, violent crime and drug trafficking.

The task force will also propose new legislation and give at least one report to the president within the next year.

The second order takes into consideration the activities of drug barons and their cartels. This executive order is aimed at increasing intelligence that will help law enforcement partners function better.

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