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Eight Things Every Stylish Man Should Know (and How to Improve)

You have your finger on the fashion pulse, but are you the Sultan of Style with finesse and enviable flair? Tick off our list of eight styling basics, and then aspire to next level chic-ness. Go!

1. Make tailoring your strong suit

Avoid dull corporate styles, opting instead for beautiful fabrications and slim abbreviated lines that exude elegance without looking trumped-up. “A slim-fit suit in French navy is compulsory,” says Clayton Rondo of Clay Rondo Menswear. If buying off-the-rack, find a reputable tailor who can ensure your sleeve and trouser hem lengths are on-point. “Fit is essential and can even make a cheaper suit look expensive,” he says.

Next level: Go bespoke, and have your suits made-to-measure, or peacock an incoming style not yet on-trend. “Double breasted suits are creeping back in with a cool design twist,” says Rondo. “Traditional jet pockets with flaps are out, and patch pockets teamed with a narrow peak lapel are in. Very chic.”

2. Tie your necktie like a boss

“The Four in Hand knot is perfect for narrow collars and skinny ties,” says Rondo. “For spread collars, opt for the always elegant Windsor.”

Next level: Finesse your tie knot. Always wear a quality silk tie and create a sumptuous dimple in the base of the knot. To finish, tuck the rear blade of your tie into the keeper on the back of the front blade.

3. Wear cool frames that suit you

You may not possess 20/20 vision, but at least you get to rock specs. Look for frames that offset your face shape. For example, round faces suit angular frames, and angular faces look best with round. “Look for styles with a cool West Coast American vibe,” suggests Michael Makras owner of Optiko, “like cool aviator styles, or consider round or any frame featuring a double brow bar.”

Next level: “Go top shelf with a pair of bespoke buffalo horn frames customised for your face shape and colouring,” he adds, “or choose a pair of prestigious Cartier frames with precious metal frames like solid gold with diamond detail.” Stellar.

4. Give good street-style cred

According to stylist Jan O’Loughlin, opt for clean, crisp and understated casual styling: “Ideally a slim fit crisply ironed shirt, sports jacket, chinos, a loafer and cool belt.”

Next level: Up your casual sartorial game and look sharp. Try flipping your collar, or let your ankles do the talking in mildly cropped trousers. Think cool, hip, and wear with confidence. Try a cashmere knit or cool floral print shirt, and top with a leather bomber jacket or tweed coat. Team with good denim or khaki corduroys, and finish with a pair of enviable trophy shoes.

5. Take the perfect picture

Chin up, shoulders back and smolder.

Next level: “Feeling relaxed is key to looking great in a photo,” says photographer Stef King. “The more chilled, the more natural you will look.” Turn to the side and swivel your hips and shoulders back to camera for a narrower waist and broader shoulders, or stand front-on and place your hands in your pants pockets for a super-relaxed pose. “Disguise a double chin by tilting it forward and slightly down,” adds King, “and make sure you smile with your eyes, as well as your mouth.” Cheese!

6. Be polished

“Always groomed hair, complexion and nails please,” recommends hair-and-makeup artist Simone Cohen. “Go to the barber and use a quality hair care product on your hair as well as your beard if you have one.” For ease, take care of your complexion and nails when bathing. “Keep a nail brush and skin cleanser in the shower and use daily,” she says. “Always slather moisturiser on damp skin, clip your nails weekly, and check for protruding nose or ear hairs.”

Next level: Beautiful brows are no longer considered male grooming taboo. “They provide a frame for your face,” says Cohen. If you have buckets of patience, take to them yourself. “Groom away strays, then trim brows with a fine tooth comb and scissors,” she adds, “or have them professionally tended to and see the difference it makes to your face.”

7. Pay attention to how you smell

Consider scent just another layer of dressing, and always wear cologne.

Next level: Find your signature scent. Do your research, sampling scent on the inside of your wrists so you can gauge its true perfume. “Skin chemistry can alter scent considerably,” says Nick Smart of Agence de Parfum. Once chosen, add just a whiff each morning with a light hand. “Spritz the jawline, back-of-neck, elbows, wrists and behind-the-knees where the veins are closer to the skin and give off heat. It warms the fragrance giving it subtlety and longevity.”

8. Accessories maketh the outfit

Add the right accessories for perfect pulled-togetherness. “Think leather belts in black and tan, silk socks, an impressive watch and statement bag,” says O’Loughlin.

Next level: Go rogue with unexpected touches for exceptional personal style. “Consider a beautiful scarf, mismatched silk tie and pocket square, beautiful cufflinks, a diamond encrusted tie pin and a perfect Mont Blanc pen,” says O’Loughlin, “You will scream high style – guaranteed.” (Source:

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